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Managed Services

Co- location

Infinite Solutions provides co-location services in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and London. These data centres all comply with the Telecommunications Industry Association Telecommunications Industry Association standards providing redundant power, temperature controlled and are in a very secure environment to ensure business continuity. We provide both dedicated and hosted servers in these locations with quality low contention bandwidth according to your requirements.

Please ring us on 08 9295 5088 to discuss your requirements with us.

DBA Services

Infinites Solutions offers DBA services to high end database systems requiring trouble shooting, performance analysis and tuning. The service provision also comprises of the environmental aspects of the database including the security, web server network load balancing recommendations and also extends to sub-system hardware design for the database.

DBA services are tailored to the specific needs of the client and are typically centred on data performance monitoring, optimisation of SQL queries, indexing for optimisation and coaching developers in SQL scripting.

Please ring us on 08 9295 5088 to discuss your requirements with us.

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